Saturday, 3 January 2015

who are we?

First of all NWAlps is an acronym for North Worcestershire Alps, a tongue in cheek play on words as our local terrain is as far from real mountains as you can probably get! This doesn’t mean we don’t make the most of what we’ve got though riding in the dirt and on the road.We also venture to other trails and countries quite often too.
here's us near the podium at the Mountain Mayhem 24hr race
We do race our bikes, enter sportives and can be competitive when the mood takes us but mostly we just like messing about on bikes like a bunch of over grown kids. Most rides will involve a cuppa, sometimes a beer and almost always cake if we've ridden enough miles, got covered in mud or fallen off enough.
it can get a little damp
 we'll ride in all weathers, frozen, snow, flood and even sometimes in sunshine!
we’d love to meet new riders, and swap our trails for yours. You can contact us via here or on twitter @NWAlpsVeloCake

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